Electric and Acoustic Guitar Machine Heads, L6, Gold

Gotoh Machine Heads has an excellent value for money. Ideal for acoustic and electric guitars

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Key features

LUBRI COAT With a “Solid Luburication Coat”, reguler oil has been eliminated keeping the lubrication where it is needed for the life of the tuning machine heads. it is now enhanced with a GOTOH original anti-transformable lubrication oil and this reduces the friction between the gears resulting an ultra smooth feel minimal back lash and unrivalled tuning stability.
ROCK SOLID Anchoring system developed by Gotoh that prevents movements outside the central axis of the pin thereby promoting a greater stability of tuning.
Button 07
Gear ratio 1:16
String post MG (20 mm x 6 mm)
Finish gold


Finishes Chrome
Installation R3 + L3
Gear ratio 1:16
Weight 36.0g/pcs
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