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Stero Power Amplifier 2x50 watt 8 ohm

The IPA-200V2 is an ultra-versatile power amplifier for installation purposes. It can serve both as a stereo and as a dual-mono amplifier, and the inputs can even be configured to sum two stereo signals into two mono signals in case that a source is stereo but a mono zone needs to be fed. Input high-pass filters and 2-band EQs are available separately for each channel to cater for driving speakers with limited bass response like ceiling speakers. Rear-side maximum volume controls avoid that certain volumes can be exceeded, and the front-panel volumes controls can be completely disabled if needed. The IPA-200V2 is the most versatile low-impedance installation amplifier available.


Key features

Dual channel installation power amplifier
Two independent mono amplifier blocks with 80W@4Ohms / 50W@8Ohms RMS power each
Phoenix-compatible speaker outputs
Stereo and parallel mono operation modes of the two mono blocks
Mono-summing option for two incoming stereo signals allowing to process two stereo signals into two mono signals and send them to one amplifier block each for mono zoning
2-Band-EQ, 40Hz and 80Hz HighPass filters for each amplifier block input
Balanced (XLR and Phoenix) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs
1/4" TRS line-level outputs in parallel to inputs
Front-side volume control with 41-click precision potentiometers
Additional rear-side volume control for each block to limit the maximum volume
Front-side volume controls can be disabled by rear-side switch
2x10LED front-side level meter
Noiseless convection cooling
Over-temperature protection
Linear power supply with toroidal transformer
Full metal case with detachable rack ears
Internal AC mains voltage setting 115/230V


Power (RMS) stereo 2×50/80 @ 8/4 Ohms
Signal/Noise >82dBu (unweighted 22Hz-22KHz)
Crosstalk Damping >65dB
THD < 0.05%
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
AC supply 115/230V~ 50Hz-60Hz (max. 200W)
Dimensions(WxHxD) 483x44.5x228 mm
Weight 5.6 kg

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