DP-22DB-5 -#622

Striking wrapped finish birch 5 pcs Drum Kit

Most drum manufacturers offer wrapped kits only on their low end products and lacquer finish only on their pricier sets. Partly because lacquer finishing does take a lot longer -- thus increasing the cost -- whereas wrapping shells can cover a moltitude of sins and requires less production time. So, then, why wrap birch shells? We dressed up our 9 ply birch shells with some striking new warpas - not the familiar monochromatic hues of entry level and intermediate kits. The result is a new look to a very substantial kit. Underneath the dazzling sensory color assault, nine ply birch shells provide pro quality warmth, volume, projection.Who said there's nothing new under the sun?

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Key features

9 Ply selected birch shells offers warmth, volume and projection
Wrapped striking special finishes
Arial Lock™ suspended tom system
Peace® DHO-2 Hoops (DHO-dc on Snare)
Duotone lugs low-mass-low profile for maximum shells resonance


Dimension Toms 12”x9”, 13”x10” - Floor Toms 16”x16” Bass Drum 22”x18” – Snare 14”x5,5”
9 ply birch shells with wrapped special finish
Arial-Lock™ Toms Suspension System with DA-147 Brackets
Peace® Chrome Hardware
Triple Flange Peace DHO-2 Hoops 2,3mm (DHO-DC 4,5mm on Snare)
Duotone low-mass low-profile lugs DA-120 - 6 on Toms, 8 on Floor Tom, 10 on Snare and BassDrum
Bass Drum Claws DA-110
Toms (Optional) 8”x7” – 10”x8”
Floor Toms (Optional) 14”x14”
Only shells, hardware not included
Colour #622 Iceberg

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