30W Full tube guitar head with spring reverb

30W Full tube guitar head featuring a top notch dynamic British tone. The spring reverb and the 2 independent channels expand the possibilities of a head conceived to deliver the purest medium-focused sound made in England.

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Key features

Power 30w RMS
Tubes 12AX7 + 1x12AT7 + 2xEL34
Channels 2 (clean + overdrive)
EQ 3 bands with Push-Pull on Middle control
Spring reverb (footswtch activable)
Controls Level (ch1), Level + Gain (ch2), Master volume
FX Loop with Level switch


Power 30w RMS
Out speaker su 4Ohm / 8Ohm, FX Loop with loop level
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions (L×H×D) 510 x 242 x 256 mm

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