Compact digital piano with cabinet

CDP5000 offers both style and playability in an affordable package. A stylish compact cabinet is perfect for home fitting and design. The hammer action keybed resembles to those on the acoustic piano, allowing young players to have proper finger practices and a smooth transition from digital piano to acoustic piano. Inspired by the rich and dynamic sound on board, young players could also develop their musical appetite and emerge themselves in the world of music. 60 songs are readily available to be played along and once the young players are ready, connect the portable music player through aux in and they could play along to their favorite tunes. Plug the piano to any PC or Mac through the USB and a world of limitless midi compatible software is available.

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Key features

88 keys hammer action keybed
26 voices
64 notes polyphony
60 prest songs with learning (left and right hand) and Melody Off function to playback accompaniment only
Dual voice function to play two voices simultaneously
Split function to assign a voice for chords and another voice for melody with editable splitting point
1 demo songs
Metronome function
DSP with reverbers, choruses and preset EQ
30W amplification (2x15)
Integrated pedals with Soft, Sostenuto and Sustain fuctions
Two headphone outputs
RCA stereo AUX
USB connection with MIDI functions
Matte black color wood cabinet


Power supply DC 15V
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1365 x 330 x 790 mm
Weight 40Kg
Packing Dimensions (WxDxH) 1725 x 565 x 410 mm
Packing Weight 48Kg

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