Set of 10 generic earplugs with travelbox

As a specialist in the field of hearing protection, Alpine has developed an extra-soft, low-pressure foam earplug solution that provides a very comfortable fit. The self-adjusting, curved and tapered Plug&Go earplugs expand to fit all ear canals without producing skin irritations.Each package offers 5 pairs of earplugs. Extra feature is the special designed and handy plastic travel box, for protection of your earplugs in a very hygienic way. The travel box can be used as a key chain, so that you will always carry your earplugs with you.

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Key features

Generic earplugs which can be used in every situation with too much noise.
Easy to insert correctly thanks to the tapered shape andmoderately slow expansion rate.
Thanks to the low pressure foam and smooth surface, the earplugs offer a very comfortable fit for a wide range of ear sizes.
Plug&Go Earplugs has SNR rating of 33 dB.
Including hygienic travelbox with key chain to carry Plug & Go anywhere

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