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​Do you need more sound!!!? Look at those speakers for your summer!

​Do you need more sound!!!? Look at those speakers for your summer!

Our mission has always been to listen and interpret the real needs of the market while trying to offer the right product at the right time.

What is the right product right now?

In the “season of restart” surely you need audio speakers that are effective, truly plug and play and able to meet the high demand for parties, events and... sound.

Our offer today includes two systems of two different power levels but both capable of providing the right sound in situations such as small plazas, lounge areas, DJ sets, theme parties, lidos, beaches, dance clubs, restaurants and more. It does not really matter whether open air or indoor.

Go-Sound Air by Soundsation

Pair of amplified speakers with 15" 2-way woofer with 880W class AB amplifier, Mic-line input with switch, balanced XLR/RCA stereo input, Aux mini jack input, XLR main out, High/Low equalizer, control for each input and output.


We are talking about a very compact and lightweight system that is nevertheless capable of generating a peak pressure of as much as 116 dB, for a frequency response from 50Hz - 18KHz. An ideal set up to have a sound reinforcement system that you can carry comfortably in the trunk of your car!

What about the strong points?

  • versatility (you can use it as both a speaker and a monitor)
  • reliability (what we call a "mule" in the jargon. Not afraid of heat and high volumes, thanks to a protection control that prevents damage
  • weight (only 15 kg)!
  • remote control via App Go go-sound air

Download the new go-sound air app to control your Go-Sound Air

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Hyper by Soundsation

With the second setup we are faced with a stereo system consisting of 18'' sub + 12'' satellite, a combination that guarantees really powerful bass together with a defined sound thanks to the presence of large woofers in the sub and the 12'' in the satellite, an ideal size for this kind of application.


The 18'' subs are built with sturdy and elegant birch cabinets with metal full-grille and equipped with class-D amplifiers and switching power supply, offering high power up to 1200W and great efficiency.

All models are equipped with active cross-over balanced input/output/Link connections.

The satellites chosen for this system are HYPER-PRO ACX series Bi-Amplified active speakers with 1600W power ratings.

The 12" woofers of the HYPER-PRO ACX series paired with 1.4" CELESTION® driver that returns defined and crystal-clear high frequencies. Sound control via the DSP is extremely simple and intuitive, and by pressing the PRESET button you can choose from 4 sound programs (LIVE, DJ, SPEECH, MONITOR).

The 15 boost!

If you want even more power on the bass, it is possible to combine the 18'' HYPER-PRO ACX 15 sub, with a 15'' woofer that adds up with the sub's 18'' for an even deeper and fuller sound.

What about the strong points?

  • power and definition (a system capable of generating significant sound pressures thanks to the 18'' sub and the defined sound of the 12'')
  • completeness (XLR microphone/line inputs + ¼" jack, stereo RCA + stereo mini jack ideal for connecting smartphones and tablets)
  • value for money (a professional system at a very competitive price)

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