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Centolight Scenic Series Pars: Light for every Place

Centolight is always looking for effective and rapid solutions for all entertainment lighting needs. The SCENIC series adds new PARs with elegant look, compact size and easy installation and use. The range offers white light sources (Warm-White @ 3200k + Pure-White @ 5600K), as well as RGBW 4in1 sources.

Beam angles range from 20° of the RGBW version, to 60° of the WW+CW version with 200W COB LED. All models use high quality optics, in order to obtain excellent color or white mixing, depending on the model.

In addition to great care for details, SCENIC is also flexibility, meaning that all new models allow the user to select different fan-operation presets, and make it totally silent (but renouncing to part of LED power to avoid overheating of the chip). This can be very useful in silent applications like theatres, conferences or house of worship.

Flexibility is also the idea behind the white light models, meaning that while offering very different beam angles (25° and 60°), they share the double temperature of white color (warn or pure), allowing the user to mix them and get intermediate gradations according to different needs.

The brand-new models are 3

  • SCENIC C1027 with 27 10W RGBW 4in1 LEDs and 20° beam angle
  • SCENIC W504 with 4 white 50W LEDs at different temperature (2 warm white @ 3200K, 2 pure white @ 5600K) and 25° beam angle
  • SCENIC W2001 featuring 1 COB LED with 2 zones at different temperature (warm white @ 3200K, 2 pure white @ 5600K), 60° beam angle and barn-door. The look, the internal design as well as the control interface are identical for all three models, and represent the highlights of a range with differentiated solutions for different needs

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