NUX, a brand that distinguished itself in recent years for its continuous attention to the needs of musicians, launches six brand new MINI CORE series pedals on the market, united by a very clear philosophy: you can achieve a lot in an ultra-compact format, without sacrificing anything in terms of quality and flexibility. Let's take a closer look!

Mini Uni-vibe pedal with 2 different modes, Vibe and Chorus. You can switch modes by press and holding the footswitch. Voodoo Vibe was inspired by the Dunlop® Uni-Vibe® for its gorgeous sound easily associated with Hendrix’s bending facial expressions in his 70s stage performances. NUX's modern-tech DSP yields a perfect combination of both worlds: analog and digital. Some example: unlike the original Uni-vibe, now you can power the Voodoo Vibe with 9V instead of 18V. Using DSP technology, NUX is able to offer a mini pedal with Smart Tap Tempo function. And it’s easier to enhance the Chorus mode without volume drop issues in the digital world, while still retaining the same good vibes and analog sound.

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Mini delay pedal with 3 different delay types including ΦPhi Digital Delay, Analog Delay, and Tape Echo. You can switch delay types by pressing and holding the footswitch. Just set the Time knob parameter to your desired sub-division, then you can engage the Smart Tap Tempo by pressing the footswitch twice to get a dynamic sub-division tap tempo delay. Is really Mini, but Mighty!

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Mini chorus pedal with 3 different chorus models including ST Chorus, SCH-1, and CE-1. You can switch the models by tapping the tap switch. Old-school Analog Chorus has always been warm but it was hungry for dynamic completion.
To achieve all of the UKIYO-E Chorus objectives, our engineers had to develop an algorithm that mimics the principles of BBD chips - the key component of Analog Chorus effects. UKIYO-E's active low-frequency provides the Traditional Analog Chorus Tone discerning ears have come to expect in a true analog chorus pedal. Dynamic Tone and Noise-Elimination ability put UKIYO-E into a completely separate category from cheap analog pedals.

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The mini SCF (Super Chorus, Flanger & Pitch Modulation) tributes to TC Electronic’s Stereo Chorus Flanger, one of the best modulation pedals ever made since 1976. Just like the UKIYO-E, our engineers had to develop an algorithm that mimics the principles of BBD chips - the key component of Analog Chorus effects.

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Whether you’re a classic spring reverb fan, a studio rack aficionado, or an ambient soundscape creator searching for new sonic textures, DAMP reverb provides three different reverb types that makes everything musical and beautiful. You can switch among Plate, Spring and Hall and enable secondary functions (Shimmer, Freeze) just by pressing/holding the footswitch, choose between True-bypass and Buffer-bypass and update the firmware via USB.

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Pulse (NSS-4) is a mini IR-Loader pedal with 3 different modes including Electric guitar CAB, Bass CAB, and Acoustic guitar IR. You can switch the types by tapping the tap switch. Besides that, you can use Pulse as a silent practice tool (1/8” phone jack) in the end of your pedalboard and even as a USB recording interface onto DAW. You can use Pulse edit software to load any 3rd party IRs.

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