DJ TECH PROFESSIONAL is one of the leading manufacturer specialized in DJ products, turntables, mixers, Pa systems and MP37multimedia products. DJ products to perform with innovation and using latest available technologies.  – DJ products – Live Sound


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Djtech saw the light in 2004 from a joint venture between the leader Taiwanese company producing CD Player and Hong Kong based first audio specialized in production of PA and I-POD compatible products. R&D is instead based in Europe, Italy and France, with specialized and trained staff.

Djtech consist in a wide range of products: CD players, turntables, USB controllers, Speakers, PA systems, microphone and headphones.  Furthermore, a series of PA solution suited for every professional user, be it active speakers or all in one system, has been developed to match any needs and kind of music, from DJs to Live bands.

All products are manufactured on plants in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, with totally 2000 employees. The marget segment is the so-called “Pro-sumer” with a range of products featuring high grade design and marketing.

In 2013 the company divided the Pro Audio division from the DJ, creating DJTech Live Sound. The aim is handle resources and investment more efficiently and addressing directly specificialized customers.

Recently, DJtech is cooperating with famous american Djs like DJ QBert and with Audio Innovate, manufacturer of the famous InnoFader components. The outcome is a new line of mixer which is granting enormous success worldwide among scratiching Djs, beginning with model DIF-1s


NOT ONLY for DJ, to be in every home, on every stage, on every street!






Icona_PDF DJ TECH LIVE SOUND Catalog 2014

Icona_PDFDJ TECH PRO DJ Catalog 2014


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