Blade Guitars

The historic guitars again distributed in Italy thanks to Frenexport. Together with the old glories of the past, the new models of medium and high-end forming a wide range of electric guitars and basses suits many different needs.

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Blade was born in the repair shop of Gary Levinson, who began his amazing career in the repair of the guitar in 1964.

It all started in 1985 when the decision was made to produce the first guitars Blade. In 1986, he refined the idea of a line of guitars built on the concept of “Classic Design, Creative Technology” where they were certain necessary features to make the line unique. In January 1987 an alliance was born of production that had the task of bringing the highest integrity in construction with the most innovative developments. Thus, in October 1987 the first instruments were exposed to the music hall in Tokyo, and in 1988 the line was launched in Europe at the Frankfurt Musikmesse.
Blade is, therefore, the result of over 20 years of repairs and resolutions of the problems that guitarists have found with their instruments. Every piece of technology has been developed to meet a specific requirement that the musicians have expressed directly to Gary Levinson. This is the reason why Blade was one of the new guitar lines most successful to be launched in recent years: listen to the musicians!



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