Mini Amplifier with Mp3 Player and Bluetooth

E270 is a portable player with built-in mp3 player. You can play your music or your pre-recorded announcement in .mp3 or .wav file type stored on a a TF card (Micro SD type or streamed via Bluetooth from an external device. Designed with class D digital tecnology, it ensures loud&clear sound output and a very low power consumption. In this way its lithium rechargeable battery can guarantee up to 10 hours of continuos playing. And when the battery is low, just plug the adaptor in the wall plug for charging. Easy and light to carry , this portable amp is adviced for teachers , tour guides, speakers to small group or to be used as speaker for personal smartphone or tabled streamed audio.

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Key features

Portable digital amplifier combining microphone, power amplifier,Bluetooth speaker function,charger and battery all together in one unit
Integrated digital electro-acoustic technology, high output power of 12 watt
Digital player with single song repeat function and TF card multimedia audio files music playing
Supports smartphone and tablet Bluetooth wireless music streaming function
Built-in high capacity Li-ion battery, 4 hours of recharging lasts for more than 10 hours operation
Flexible wearing styles for convenient use
Ergonomic design, fashionable contour
Special anti-rain and dust structure for convenient outdoor use
Solid and durable ABS enclosure, silicone button for comfortable operation
Retail box contains E270 amplifier 1 pc, HM-850 headworn microphone 1 pc, USB recharging cable 1 pc, Strap 1 pc
Application, tour guiding, training, promotion, propaganda, morning exercise, entertainment teachi


Frequency Response 80Hz-12KHz
Peak Power 12W
Mic Input Sensitivity -30dBV±2dBV, @1W, 1KHz
Line Input Sensitivity -19dBV±2dBV, @1W, 1KHz
Operating Voltage DC 3.7
Battery Specification 1x3.7V/2000mAh Lithium-ion
Recharging Specification DC 5V/600mA
Recharging Time approx. 4 hours
Operating Time =10 hours
Wireless Operating Range approx. 10m (open area)
Music Media Format MP3, WAV, WMA
Storage type Transmedia Flash Card, Micro SD
Built-in bluetooth A2DP function
Charge DC=5v/900mA, USB
Max TF Card Capacity 64GB
Dimensions 94x101x45 mm
Net Weight 247g

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