Modeling guitar/bass processor

MG-30 takes the NUX Modeling algorithm to another level: from HD to 2K! Working musicians need quality before quantity: knowing this NUX focused on 30 classic essentials and made each live up to the standards of the most demanding players. MG-30 top-shelf collection includes 25 electric guitar amp models, 2 acoustic amp models, 3 bass amp models. Spotting the best IRs technology based on NUX acclaimed Solid Studio, top quality FX sections, built in looper + drum machine and wide connectivity, MG-30 is a true arsenal for recording, practicing, reherasing and shining stage performances. And with NUX Quick Tone™ software you can easily tweak parameters, download patches, load 3rd party IRs and even set up USB audio-stream routing.

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Key features

A top selection among most valuable classics amps 25 electric guitar amp models, 2 acoustic amp models, 3 bass amp models
Amp modeling with NUX TSAC-2K technology that replicates at higher level the playability most guitarists prefer in a real tube amplifier
2 powerful NXP® RT processors for 1024 sample resolution IRs (8 cabinets, 8 mics, 3 mic positions) with ultra-low system latency (3rd party editable IR allowed)
4" Large Colorful LCD for easy and intuitive navigation
Hi quality FX (Wah, Comp, Gate, Efx, Eq, Mod, Dly, Rvb) and Block Routing (11 independent moveable signal blocks w/optional parallel post FX routing)
Built in drum and looper featurin NUX Phrase Loop Synchronization with Rhythm (56 beats and 60 sec looping)
Quick Tone editor software
Built in Expression pedal (multi function) + additional NMP-2 footswitch (included)
The versatile I/O can let you run 4 cable method or connect with other effects, and you can adjust the SEND / RETURN Loop at any position in the signal path.
Including power adapter, NMP-2 footswitch, patch cable, USB cable


Sampling frequency 48kHz
System Latency 2ms
Dynamic range ~ 110dB
Processor 2 x NXP® RT
Audio Codec 2 x AD/DA AKM AK4558EN 32-bit
Power 9V DC negative center
Dimensions 313x166x54 mm
Weight 1.5 kg

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