4 Groove Tones Mini Plectrums Set

Groove Tones Mini are designed to give guitarists the most comfortable and ergonomic grip possible. The Minis both grant precision and a very clear cut sound, due to the very short yet intense contact with the strings.African Ebony is very sturdy and hard wearing and quite bright. It is actually quite warm, with a very organic sound and a slightly less silky tone. Ebony does have a bit of a rough rockstar presence, and that makes it all the more loveable.Buffalo Horn is the middle ground between hard wearing woods like Ebony, and Buffalo Bone. It is overall a bright material and the Mini Groove Tones tip gives it a clear cut picking sound. Horn is fairly neutral on tone, having a good balance between high and low frequencies restitution. It should also be noted that Black Horn is very hard wearing and flows well on strings.The Blond Horn is very hard wearing and is naturally very grippy.Buffalo Bone is by far the strongest material used. It is very bright sounding and has a clear. Bone has an impact on tone and favorises high frequencies.

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Key features

4 plectrums set
1 x African Ebony 1 x Black Horn 1 x Blond Horn 1 x Buffalo Bone
Manufactured from ebony, stone and horn
Are designed to give guitarists the most comfortable and ergonomic grip possible

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