Ultra low noise active DI Box

The SOUNDSATION ADX-500 ACTIVE BOX is an electronic device that converts an unbalanced audio signal into a balanced signal . You can connect unbalanced input devices like an electric bass, a guitar or a keyboard. The balanced line is less sensitive to electromagnetic interferences and has a better S/N ratio. In this way it is possible to achieve a good performance in case of long distances as well. For instance, it is possible to connect your instrument to a distant mixer maintaining a good quality signal. The ADX-500 is highly recommended for sound engineers and stage/studio performers.

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Key features

Converts unbalanced input signal in balanced output signal
Input jack 6,3mm unbalanced
Output XLR F unbalanced
Monitor out/link out 6,3mm
Pad 0dB - 20 dB
Output XLR M balanced
Ground lift switch
9v battery operated


Frenquency response 30Hz-20KHz
Maximum input level 0 ±20dB
Noise level = 105 dBU
Power Requirement AC 20~48V
Battery 9V blockcell 6LR91
Dimension 145X125X59mm
Weight 700 g

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