100 set disposable ear plug counter dispenser

Ambient noise is very unpleasant and can damage your hearing. Moreover, a hearing impairmentcaused by too much noise is permanent. As an expert in the field of hearing protection, Alpine hasdeveloped an extra soft, disposable earplug with minimal pressure to the ear and a high level ofcomfort.Plug-it earplugs have a round top, and an anti-irritation coating to fit every type of ear.The earplugs are comfortable to wear, sufficiently block out sounds and are easy to put in.Plug-it earplugs are made from a soft material so that they can be worn while sleeping, studying,listening to or playing music, driving a motorcycle, at work or performing DIY chores at home.The Plug-it disposable earplugs are an easy and inexpensive way to protect your hearing.The Plug-It 100 dispenser is a deluxe, transparent and durable container filled with 100 pairs ofdisposable earplugs. Each pair is individually packed in a clear plastic bag branded with the Alpinelogo.

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Key features

Disposable economic earplug single packed
Suitable for all type of uses
Anti-allergic and easy to wear
Offers basic low-cost hearing protection
The SNR value for Alpine Plug-it earplugs is 33 dB.
Counter dispenser containing 100 pairs for optimal product exposure

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