Wireless microphones for every application by Frenexport!


Are you a content creator? Do you need simple, truly plug and play wireless microphone systems?

Frenexeport always has the right products for you, chosen after a careful selection of brands and technologies! We want to present three wireless microphone systems, compatible with a wide range of devices such as PCs, Macs, mobile phones, iPads, cameras and many other devices, easy to use, high quality and with a very competitive price.

If you're filming in a crowded location - indoors or outdoors - perhaps with a lot of background noise, these three microphone systems, each with its own unique characteristics, guarantee professional, high-quality audio.

Maono AU-WM821, NUX B-3 Plus Mic Bundle and NUX B-10 Vlog are the perfect solution for Vlogs, product and event presentations, live broadcasts, and web conferences, streaming and much more.

Maono AU-WM821

Maono AU-WM821

Let's start with a real "Best Seller"; Maono's AU-WM821 is a compact two-channel wireless microphone system consisting of two transmitters and one receiver with 4GHz transmission. The microphone system offers 20 hours of continuous working time and clear and natural sound quality within a transmission range of up to 100 m.

It is possible to use it with or without the lavalier microphone included which is also equipped with the comfortable windscreen. The receiver's screen displays usage information clearly and directly, and it can even handle logging without the need for external hardware.

NUX B-3 Plus Mic Bundle

Nux B-3 Plus Mic Bundle

NUX B-3 PLUS MIC BUNDLE includes the renowned B-3 Plus wireless system and a high-quality dynamic ice cream microphone. It is a 2.4Ghz digital wireless system with high resolution 24 bit/44.1 KHz and minimum latency (< 3.5ms) which guarantees transmission without signal loss or delays.

b-3-plus-mic-bundle-5-20221220075444.jpgIn combination with the dynamic microphone capsule with the classic shape called "ice cream" particularly suitable for voice pickup and in those situations in which the microphone is in front of the person: interviews, conferences, etc. The rechargeable lithium battery guarantees a duration of up to 7 hours.

NUX B-10 Vlog


NUX B-10 Vlog is also a wireless microphone system based on 2.4 Ghz digital transmission technology and is the most suitable of the three when maximum lightness and compactness are required. Despite its size, it boasts important features and can cover distances of 30 meters ensuring a stable connection, minimum latency, low background noise and high audio quality.

The name "Vlog" identifies the perfect application for this tool even if the B-10 can be perfect in more demanding situations, both indoors and outdoors.

These three products were selected by the Frenexport team after careful research on the international market and once again we want to offer the perfect solution for all those who need to create professional content and who want a practical, reliable tool with a competitive price. Indeed, more than "competitive", given that, with some differences between the models, these are still products that you can buy at our partner shops for a price under 200 euros!

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