Vulcanian series – the best drumkit to start your musical journey


First steps are the most important when learning to play an instrument. Often entry level drumkit are built with cost in mind, sacrificing quality and playability. Often they are not rugged enough, or they lack of the natural rebound due to the fact that cheap material drumheads are used. This can slow down the learning process and prevent an optimal use of the instrument.

With Vulcanian series, Peace set the goal to offer the best student drum kit. A drumkit that won’t sacrifice essential features such as stability, usability, good materials and sound.


Built with 100% mahogany shells and with snare of mahogany 9-ply with 8 lugs, the kit is equipped with DA-277 tom tom mounting system which allows to set the tom position quickly and precisely with great stability. Equipped with REMO heads, includes robust double braced hardware and brass cymbals.


The Vulcanian drumkit is coming in 3 different configurations with 22-20-18” bass drum and in four classic finishes - Black, Wine Red, Metallic Blue and white - , to fit every musical style, needs and taste.

  • 5 pcs complete Drumkit
  • 9 ply mahogany shells equipped with REMO drumheads
  • Da-277 tom mounting system ensure precise tom placement and great stability
  • Adjustable bass drum spurs
  • HS-420 Hi-Hat
  • CS-972CH cymbals stand
  • SS-510 snare stand
  • P-410 bass drum pedal
  • DRT-109N drum throne
  • 16" crash/ride and 14" Hi-hat brass cymbals CYM-9 series
  • Including 5A drumsticks
  • Wrapped finish


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