NUX starts 2023 with a ‘bang!’ by introducing MIGHTY SPACE, a new powerful, flexible, wireless and dual-powered desktop modeling amp.

Because let's face it: the guitarist hates cables, power supplies, and batteries. He just wants to sling his instrument and churn out ricks and licks without wasting time. Said and done: plug the digital transmitter into the jack input, turn on the MIGHTY SPACE, and you're right on track with roaring 30W, plenty of legendary amps for electric, bass, and acoustic, high-definition IR with IR loader, a full EFX section with freely sortable blocks, and so much more.

You'll have all the convenience of consistently flawless digital wireless transmission coupled with a dual battery that provides an impressive 7 hours of use. Easier than that is truly impossible!

Want more? Try connecting the MIGHTY MSPACE to an external cabinet, and get ready to shake the walls. Or use the USB output to turn it into a sound card ready to record.

You can also drive the Drum & Loop function via the optional NMP-2 pedal, edit presets in depth with the dedicated App, and load third-party IRs with Mighty Editor™ software.

16 amps for guitar, 3 for bass, 2 for acoustic

White-Box algorithm

provides real-time feedback, increment by increment. NUX TS/AC-HD replicates

the same playability musicians look for in a true tube amp.

The best IR technology at your fingertips
You can use a wide selection of factory IR for electric, bass, and acoustic. You can also load third-party IRs via software (36 presets + 18 user slots).

Guitar Cabs: JZ120, DR112, TR212, HIWIRE412, CALI 112, A112, GB412, M1960AX, M1960AV, M1960TV, SLO412, FIREMAN 412, RECT 412, DIE412, MATCH212, UBER412, BS410, A212, M1960AHW, M1936, BUDDA112, Z212, SUPERVERB410, VIBROKING310

Bass Cabs: AGL_DB810, AMP_SV212, AMP_SV410, AMP_SV810, BASSGUY410, EDEN410, MKB410

Acoustic Guitar IRs: G-HBIRD, G-J15, M-D45

ChopTones Custom IRs: Bogna-T75, BritJH-G

Large FX section with flexible blocks

With the included editor software for Mac, PC, iOS and Android, you can

drag any block to the desired location.

MightyAmp™ APP & Mighty Editor™ Edit Software: you can do anything!
You can customize presets through the MightyAmp™ APP or Mighty Editor™ editing software.

The MightyAmp™ APP and Mighty Editor™ editing software allow you to edit all signal blocks and parameters. In addition to the 36 built-in IRs, 18 empty slots are available for third-party IRs. Regardless of the sample rate, the Mighty Editor™ editing software can automatically convert to WAV (IR) format.

Sound card? No need!

Mighty Space supports audio stream via USB and can transform into a USB recording interface. Normal / Dry Out / Re-amp / Loopback routing can be managed through the MightyAmp™ APP or Mighty Editor™ editing software intuitively, without the need to set up USB output in the DAW. You can even afford live stream jamming with Loopback!

Drum machine & Looper with included NMP-2 Lite pedal

Drum & Loop functions are fully accessible via NMP-2 Lite footswitch control. And is included!

Available with Frenexport distribution from January 2023

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  • Introducing NUX MIGHTY SPACE Amp

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