GREENHOUSE EFFECTS – Boutique style stompboxes

Great news for guitar players demanding more quality, flexibility and reliability from their gear.

Greenhouse Effects, boutique style stompboxes entirely handmade in Israel, are now available also for the Italian market. A complete array of effects with simple but effective controls, conceived to deliver unmatched tone and flexibility, now featuring 8 truly unique stompboxes:

- Retro Sky Delay with Phaser
- Sonic Orb Phaser
- Stonefish Chorus Vibrato
- Middle Man Active Booster
- Gold Drive Overdrive
- Road Killer Overdrive
- Sludge Hammer Fuzz
- No Brainer Distortion
- Double Edged Distortion (dual channel high gain)

Italian distribution FRENEXPORT spa.

  • Musikmesse '14 - Greenhouse Effects Selftitled Modular Pedal Demos
  • Greenhouse Sludgehammer - Demo
  • Musikmesse '15 - Greenhouse Effects Sonic Orb, Double Edged Distortion, & Selftitled Deluxe Demos
  • Greenhouse Effects: STONEFISH Chorus/Vibrato
  • Greenhouse Effects: RETRO SKY DELAY

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