Earmuff & Muffy


Without a good hearing it’s impossible to make good music! Aware of this fact, Alpine provides solution designed for drummers – young and adults!

With Earmuff for drummers, you can achieve an attenuation of 25dB. With this isolation headphone, you can protect your hearing while being able to play and still perceive your surroundings. The black earmuffs look very cool and the fabric headband plus soft ear pads provide extra comfort. That way you can practice for hours without distraction. The adjustable headband fits everybody and thanks to the foldable size the earmuffs are easy to take with you to the studio or a performance.

Alpine Earmuff

In order to protect our youngest drummers, whom hearing protection is even more important, Alpine designed Earmuff. Even a junior drumkit or a toy drumkit played loud for hours can cause permanent hearing damages. Available in three colored versions, with soft ear pads and fabric headband, they are suited to be used for hours with maximum comfort. Great for young drummers or for all those “noisy” situation which requires protection to childrens hearing such as parties, live music, fireworks, etc.

Alpine Muffy

Earmuffy and Muffy Features:

· Protect childrens and adults playing music (specially suited for drummers)
· Very comfortable because of its soft headband
· Adjustable size
· Foldable, easy to take with you/store
· Robust and durable, very high quality
· Easy to clean
· SNR value of 25 dB
· Dutch Design
· Attenuation values:



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