BULLET CABLE: the ultimate professional instrument cables

BULLET CABLE: the ultimate professional instrument cables

BULLET CABLE products are a result of the best materials available and superior creative engineering. The idea for BULLET CABLE is simple: “To Enhance The Music Making Experience.”

The array includes:

  • Coil, Mini Coil, Classic Coil series: professional coil cable for instrument, available in different lengths and connector combinations

  • Thunder series: professional linear cable for instrument with straight/straight connectors

  • SLUG DIY kit: The perfect answer to pedal board and rig setups requiring tight pedal spacing. Easy and fast cable making: cut the cable, insert into connector then tighten the screw to the set depth. Done!

  • Bulk cables and SLUG connectors to create solderless cables with no limitation in length. Slug connectors are machined from brass finished in vintage nickel. Durable and designed with precision jacks for solid connections. The close profile on the angle block for tight spacing.

Distribuited by FRENEXPORT spa

More info:

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