Beat Buddy meets a great bass player: Mario Guarini

Beat Buddy meets a great bass player: Mario Guarini

Frenexport is happy to announce that Mario Guarini, one of the most talented italian bass players, has chosen the BeatBuddy, the incredible drum machine in pedal format from Singular Sound distributed by Frenexport, as a traveling companion. Here's what Mario himself tells us about BeatBuddy:

"Finally I got the BeatBuddy. I decided to collaborate with Frenexport because I have to hold seminars in duo without a drummer and this pedal allows you to choose from many styles and to move freely from an intro of a song to a verse to a chorus, also performing transition fills and stops, all manageable with a pedal board. The sound quality is incredible and the choice of styles is very vast, they are all played with a super credible feeling. But the real discovery was that it allows you to hear the bass and the rhythms trough the headphones, making it therefore a very comfortable object for studying around or for warming up in a creative and musical way. It is also very useful for teaching lessons. Highly recommended. "

We are happy that a musician so important as Mario has appreciated the great possibilities of accompaniment offered by Beat Buddy, the "pocket drummer", a truly unique instrument.

Mario Guarini is one of the most versatile and appreciated bass players on the italian national scene, a great professional who boasts numerous collaborations with historical names in italian music such as Claudio Baglioni (counting more than ten years), Gino Paoli, Massimo Ranieri, Samuele Bersani, Gianni Togni as well as a long presence in the orchestra of the TV program "Amici" and a high-profile solo career with prestigious international collaborations.

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