FRENEXPORT SAS was formed in 1976 in Recanati (Central Italy), the core of the music tradition of the Marche region by Bruno Frenquelli, an experienced musical product exporter.

Mr Bruno was supported by his wife Rita from the earliest times of the formation of the company.

The newly created Frenexport expanded very quickly in the 70s, thanks to Mr Bruno market knowledge and hard work.

Facing economic pressures in the music products industry in the 1980’s, the company successfully began importing musical products and began distribution in the domestic Italian market. This was the turning point of success for Frenexport.

Today, Frenexport provides products and services to more than 1400 dealers across the nation. With the additions of Romano (older son of Bruno and Rita) to the organization at the end of the 90’ and later of his brother Daniele (younger son), Frenexport stands poised in creating new opportunities and continued prosperity for the future.

In 2005 Frenexport changed its legal status into a corporate business, a more suitable condition for a company seeking for a strong international expansion and new partnerships.

In order to complete the process of transforming Frenexport in a corporate business, the legal status changed again in January 2011 into Public Limited Company. The executive board consists of Bruno Frenquelli ( President), Romano Frenquelli (Vice President), Daniele Frenquelli.

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