In the global village communication channels have multiplied in fact , going to paint a picture full of new opportunities.

Taking into account this new scenario the communication activities of FRENEXPORT that has developed mainly on these tracks :

  • press office
  • advertising campaigns (print and web )
  • website with sub portals for major brands distributed
  • new web 2.0 resources – social networks like Facebook Twitter, community issues
  • portal : a new system with which the customer can interface with 360 ° FRENEXPORT for products, orders , inventory, shipments , documents, miscellaneous information
  • organization of events, seminars , clinics
  • sponsorships
  • endorsement deals

    Obviously there then the classic sales support services :

    • illustrated catalog
    • illustrated catalogs for individual brands
    • products and updates lists
    • multimedia support ( images in catalogs and technological supports the most used )
    • technical assistance on commercial products in the catalog.

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