Nova DWC 2017

From 16.-19. November 2017, CRAAFT AUDIO GmbH invited to the largest congress in the company's history. Distributors and trade visitors from 51 countries around the world came to participate in the extensive congress program.

On 16 November 2017, several eets of shuttle buses from Munich Airport reached the Pockinger headquarters. At the welcome dinner, the guests were amazed by the very high number of participants.
Stefan Kraker from the Austrian distributor M.S.V. / Hagenbrunn said: "It is unbelievable, in how many countries NOVA has distributions!". On November 17, 2017, Heinz Schwarzmüller and Markus Falter (CRAAFT AUDIO GmbH) ofcially opened the World Congress. "If you sum up all the miles that our visitors have own to us, that's twice the distance from Earth to the Moon," says Markus Falter in the opening.

As one of the many innovations NOVA's technology partner BEYMA from Spain presented new loudspeakers, which are used, among other things, in the new subwoofer models M318SUB and P18LEX.

The extensive lecture program convinced with very high level. Peter Collins (Linea Research Ltd, England) explained the topology of modern class D high power ampliers using the NOVA TX20 as an example. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anselm Goertz (IFAA - Institut für Akustik und Audiotechnik, Germany) gave a lecture on "PA system design under consideration of the room acoustics and noise levels using modern design and simulation tools".

Made for matching each other.
The PARIZ system concept from NOVA.

When developing the PARIZ system concept, our engineers and technology partners have created not only a new loudspeaker system. Hand in hand with world´s leading suppliers and international top specialists, they engineered an integrated sound reinforcement system, which is much more than just a combination of components. Every single part was selected and tuned to each other like perfectly interlocking gears. Whether in acoustics, mechanics, electronics or software: PARIZ was constructed as a whole system concept, which combines the ease of use via remote control interfaces and perfectly constructed rigging with maximum of performance and sonic clarity. It is designed for most exible sound reinforcement applications, from basic setups for conferences up to world format live shows, even at most advanced acoustic challenges.

PARIZ is a neutral and professional platform, which enables sound engineers the total liberty for any acoustic mission possible.

Vip Party with famous band "SOUL KITCHEN"

At the last night of the World Congress, all distributors and trade visitors were invited to a gala dinner. A 35-meter-long buffet left nothing to be desired. The musical highlight was the internationally known band "SOUL KITCHEN". The program of funk and soul inspired the guests until late at night. NOVA's new PARIZ line-array system was chosen as the sound system.

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