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The VOID design and production philosophy is based on an uncompromising approach. It does not set a limit on the cost of the components used, it design projects are tied to financial budget. The objective is the realization of the best, at any cost.

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Void Acoustics Research Ltd designs, manufactures and distributes professional audio systems developed for sectors installed and live-sound. The company is able to offer a range of advanced audio solutions focusing primarily on loudspeakers, power amplifiers and control electronics. Supported by one of the largest and most experienced team of R&D in the industry, the company emerges with cutting-edge technology, with the appearance of innovative design, by building a reputation for high impact products that combine sound and visual innovation.
Established in 2002, Void Acoustics has built an extensive international distribution network, its current sales markets include Europe, North and South America, Russia, the Middle East and most of Asia. All his customers appreciate the quality reliable supply infrastructure controlled and exceptional after sales service to which the company has been noted. The commitment and passion of Void Acoustics in achieving its innovative products, it also includes a full awareness of environmental issues, where the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes occur in both factories and offices.




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