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“Musical instruments are artworks are designed to be used, not kept in a drawer”
This is the philosophy of String Swing!

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The musical instruments are works of art that give voice to our joy, passion, craft, and soul. With a musical instrument in hand we have a way to reach out to other people, to stir up emotions and challenge ourselves. “Musical instruments are artworks are designed to be used, not kept in a drawer”.
That is where comes into play String Swing! To protect the musical instruments. For over 25 years, String Swing has the crafting of the best media and tools, and visualization systems. The company, family-owned manufactures its products in Wisconsin and guarantees them for life!
In 1983, Paul Thieman, and Anne Tainter had a small dairy farm in Elroy, Wisconsin. Thieman, who played guitar in a local band, used a coat hanger that allowed him to keep his guitar out of the case, adequately supported and ready to play at any time, but safe from any knocks. The invention worked perfectly and three years later, Paul decided to make more hangers for guitar and sell them. In 1987, Paul and Anne founded String Swing, which produced not only the first guitar stand with a mass distribution, but more than 1,400 other stands, hanging devices, and display modules for the musical instruments of all types with moderate costs but with exceptional quality.

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