Italy means creativity, innovation, vitality. Italy means Style.
35 years of experience mixed up with innovative approach: 360° product range for musicians.

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In the globalization era, Soundsation proudly claims its origins, with eyes set on the horizon but heart beating in its enchanting homeland. Born in 2005, Soundsation is today a reliable brand for a growing number of musicians and music lovers, an Italian team where new ideas, new projects and enthusiasm join together, day after day.

Step inside Soundsation’s world, and get ready to Feel the sound.

Thanks to our skilled staff of musicians and audio engineers, we are able to offer a wide product range which fits every musicians need. Our people enjoy creating the products they would like to have and use, fulfilling their deepest passion: making music. All Soundsation products, could be guitars or speakers, have in common a strict quality standard, innovative approach and attention to details. Plus a taste of Italian design which drives them out of the crowd.

Soundsation brand saw the light in 2005, but it belongs to FRENEXPORT SpA group which is in the music gear field since 1976. This means having a deep knowledge of the music equipment market and a set of firmly established values. Combining experience and firm values with fresh and innovative approach is the key of Soundsation success. We believe our products help musician to express their creativity and we want to be sure about one point: our equipment will fulfill their passion.




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