The Vienna company LEWITT has established itself on the world of high-performance microphones in both live and studio. The sound reproduction is clear, unaltered, crystalline. From memorable performances.
The microphones LEWITT meet the most sophisticated needs of artists and sound engineers around the world thanks to the design and manufacture highly advanced techniques based on the use of the best existing components and on research and testing of new technical solutions and design.
So make yourself heard.
Unaltered. Authentic. Memorable.

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After a few years as a Project Manager in the microphones production for a leading manufacturer in Europe, the Austrian Roman Perschon decided to quit his job to go in search of people, passionate, and that they wanted to develop, build and support along with him the idea of creating high-quality microphones. Thus, together with the young Chinese Ken Yang, owner of one of the largest production bases microphone Asian, who shared a passion for travel and Roman ambitious ideas and recognized the opportunity to Roman, he founded a new brand of professional microphones LEWITT. The year 2009 was an exciting year for Roman and his brand. For the first time, his ideas took shape in Austria together with a technical team of all respect. In 2010 he presented his products at NAMM. It was a success! They were commended the technical characteristics, the crystal-clear sound and exceptional live performances. In 2011, the microphones LEWITT were already available in Europe, USA and South America. And since then the road has not stopped since. The microphones LEWITT were chosen by Derrick Wright (musician Adele), were chosen at the concert tribute to Michael Jackson and the BMI for the CMJ Music Marathon in New York. This makes Roman and his entire team are proud and satisfied because it is not only microphones, but what he is able to create these microphones!




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