Hill Audio

Hill Audio

Hill Audio was in its current form launched in 2008 and defined itself from the outset as a brand to provide integration between the worlds of background and foreground music systems. The term “venue sound” was adopted for the wide scope of applications that the product range was supposed to cover. As such, our early efforts focused on general sound reinforcement electronics as well as specialty products for music zoning and multi-room applications.

Based on the vast audio heritage of our founders, reliable amplification workhorses like the SPA series (2008) were released and gained immediate popularity with installers and stage sound engineers alike.

With a strong sense for opportunities in distributed sound systems, soon the iconic ZPR-2630 zoning preamp (2008) and the MMX-4520 matrix mixer (2009) followed, leaving a lasting impression with integrators and contractors.

Extending the scope of applications, the FPX-5200 stereo installation mixer marked the entry into the then-booming club market in 2010.

With many other remarkable product releases in the early years, Hill Audio soon became a commonly seen appellation with installed sound systems and on stages as well as in studios, in a variety of countries.

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Hill Audio



  • IPM 1610V2 Video 480p
  • RPM 6600 Video 480p
  • ISE 2014: Hill Audio Presents IMA-200 Integrated Amplifier and Media Player



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