HELVIA® is the brand owned by FRENEXPORT S.p.A. created in 2019 and specifically dedicated to the ever-growing demand for integrated audio-video systems from international markets, already followed for decades in the MI Pro-Audio, DJ and Lighting sectors.

As evidence of the deep connection between the brand and a company with such a solid history, HELVIA brand takes its name from an ancient Roman colony - Helvia Recina - built around the third century B.C. in the area where FRENEXPORT S.p.A. is currently located. This is a tangible sign of how the cultural identity is a basic element in HELVIA's values.

The combination between roots and thrust towards the future appears bright and detailed in the vision that guides its goals, always keeping as a reference the values at the base of its corporate culture. HELVIA intends to offer integrated audio/video technologies with high-level performance, maximum ease of installation and maintenance. The basic idea is to make these technologies accessible to all operators and users by providing competence, integrity and the ability to know how to innovate and adapt their systems or any need.

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