4x THESIS 280 ZOOM Moving Head Set with Flight Case

THESIS series offer la new wash-light moving head THESIS 280 ZOOM with 7 powerful and reliable 40W OSRAM LEDs. It represents a valid alternative to normal arch lamps with all the benefits of LED technology: low consumption, longer life, lower temperature dissipation. The light beam ranges from 4.5° to 45°, thanks to the ZOOM function controlled by three motors simultaneously, which give an extremely soft and silent adjustment. The quad-color mixing system, the adjustable color-temperature, the accurate and linear dimmer, combined with the sophisticated control of the single pixels, make the new THESIS 280 ZOOM moving head a valid tool to enhance the creativity of the most demanding light designers. It offer several Pixel controlling functions: rainbow, single pixel, circle, full-control of the single colors of each LED, and many others. Particular attention is paid to precision and noise of mechanical movements. PAN and TILT are equipped with three-phase motors and 16-bit control. The ZOOM is managed by three motors, to minimize skating effect and vibrations. The electronic dimmer is accurate and soft. Fan speed is also electronically controlled by the internal temperature, ensuring the right balance between noise, safety and durability of the LED chips. The set consists of 4 moving heads and one flight case with space in the upper part for containing the fixtures with hanging hooks mounted.

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Key features

LED light LED 7 x 40W RGBW OSRAM® with LED lifespan of around 50000 hours.
Beam angle (scan type) 4.5°÷45°
Electronic smooth Dimmer with 16-bit control.
Strobe 1-20Hz with instant light ON and OFF work mode
RGBW smooth color mixing with Pixel effects, like rainbow, single pixel, circle, full control, fixed background light color mixing, fixed background light pattern, fixed background light pixel control.
ZOOM function 4.5°a 45° /1.7s, with 3 silent motors at the same time to provide accurate zooming, stable beam, without skating.
PAN and TILT with 8-16 bit scanning, photoelectric reset and automatic error correctionfunction.
DMX512 / Master-Slave / Auto / Sound control Modes.
Four DMX Channel Modes 17CH Standard, 38CH Extended, 18CH Pattern, 11CH HIS
High efficiency cooling system with whole-process temperature monitoring. No risk of LED lamp damage; Intelligent speed control fan and monitoring of rotationspeed.
2.0” LCD color screen with easy user-interface.
External power function with USB connection for moving head parameter setting using display.
Support RDM, Art-Net®, Kling-Net and sACN networking protocols (Optionals).
Flight Case with wheels (2 wheels with brake) and space in the upper part to contain the fixtures in upside down position, with the hanging hooks mounted on bottom.
Flicker-Free Operation


LED light 7 x 40W RGBW OSRAM
LED Lifespan 5000 Hours
Voltage 100V-240V 50-60Hz
Power consumption 400W
Amperage 2,5A
Control mode DMX512, Master/Slave, Auto, Sound
Channel Mode 18CH, 38CH, 17CH, 11CH
Network function Support RDM, Art-Net®, Kling-Net and sACN networking protocols (Optional)
Beam angle (Scan type) 4,5° ÷ 45°
Dimmer 0-100% (16bit )
CCT 2800K-8500K
Zoom 9° ÷ 44° /1.7s, with 3 silent motors at the same time to provide accurate zooming, stable beam, without skating.
X/Y Scan Pan 540°,Tilt:270°
Strobe 1-20Hz
Display 2” Color LCD, English and Chinese switchable languages, Reversible
Housing Flame-retardant plastic
Internal Running Temperature 0 ÷ 40°C
Dimensions (WxDxH) 290 x 225 x 380 mm
Weight 8.9 kg
4 Unit Flight Case Size (WxDxH) 805 x 685 x 610 mm
4 Unit Flight Case Weight 70 kg

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