Portable bluetooth monitor for digital drum (30W)

Equipped with its 30W power amp and bluetooth technology, NUX DA-30BT is designed for portable electronic drum monitoring. The speaker responses to the drum's frequency very well, also low frequency band is adjustable. DA30BT is also compatible with any electronic keyboard, digital piano or synthesizer. It has 2 inputs with independent volume control, it can be useful for 2 musicians to share monitoring in the studio or just playing at home.

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Key features

Optimized frequency response for drums
Bluetooth connectivity play along your songs through the amp
Portability coupled with performances
2 channels with independent volume controls
Compatible with any electronic keyboard, digital piano or synth


Power Output 30W
Power Consumption 40W
Speaker Coaxial (10" LF + 1" HF)
Dimensions 430(H) x 390(W) x 340(D) mm
Weight 12 kg

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