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Dual purpose loudspeaker

The dual role Air Vantage midtop is equally at home when used with the Sub Vantage for monitoring duties or as a stand alone mid top with LF enclosures in a main club system. The same attributes that make it eminently suitable as a DJ monitor,such as true point source transmission and a smooth frequency response, also shines through when it comes to filling a dance floor with high SPL and accurate sound. Particular attention was paid when designing its internal crossover to achieve the best possible phase response, which has allowed for prolonged listening periods at very high SPLs with the minimum of fatigue. Venues with low ceilings are also a prime candidate for the Air Vantage midtop, as its diminutive vertical dimensions and tight pattern control allow for close mounting to a ceiling. Designed for the larger club environment and arena type EDM events, the Air Vantage has been created to deliver wide and very even coverage throughout its stated dispersion. This allows DJs the freedom to move anywhere around the booth whilst continuing to experience even and balanced sound reproduction. The system also provides very high levels of efficiency with the added benefit of point source accuracy, both essential for precision mixing at the highest levels. The systems vertical dimensions have also been kept low to allow good sight lines between the audience and DJ and any rear LED screens. A matching complimentary subwoofer comprising of four 15" drivers deliver accurate low frequencies with very quick dynamics and provides adjustable vertical positioning of a mounted Air Vantage midtop.




Key features

Fibreglass composite construction
Visually striking appearance
Fast transient response
Color Red
Applications high impact night club, dj monitoring


Frequency Response 140Hz - 20kHz (-3db)
Efficiency 107 dB 1w/1m
Crossover Point 1.6kHz Passive
Impedance 8 ohms
Power Handling 500 watts RMS
Maximum Output 133 dB cont, 139 dB peak
Driver Configuration 1x12" - 1x1.5” coax neo
Mounting Tilt Adjustable Mount (optional)
Dispersion 70° h x 40° v
Connectors 1x4 pole SpeakOn
Dimensions (WxDxH) 718x672x415 mm
Weight 23.5 Kg
Enclosure Smooth Cellulose

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