600W Cold Spark Machine with DMX & Remote Control

ZEPHIRO 600 SPARK is a device that creates fountains of cold sparks from 2 to 5m high, and controlled via DMX-512 or wireless remote. The consumable, based on Titanium powder, does not contain gunpowder - so it is absolutely safe, does not produce toxic fumes, and is not harmful to the environment. Therefore, it offers an effect comparable to traditional fireworks or pyrotechnics, but without their danger. It can be used indoors or outdoors, even though it cannot be directly exposed to rain, snow and mud. The design is very compact and the all-metal construction accentuates its robustness, confirming that it is a device designed to easily overcome the rigors of the stage. The heart of the machine is based on precision motors with chain transmission system, in order to reduce noise and fumes, and increase the efficiency in spark production. It is also available a 4-unit flight-case (optional) with 70mm wheels - 2 of which with brake - and compartment for cables and accessories, for typical rental or live applications.

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Key features

Adjustable output height from 2 to 5 meters (6.5 – 16.5 ft)
Indoor and Outdoor use (no hazardous materials)
Completely safe (no gunpowder) and environment friendly (less smoke and smell)
Compact size, less noise operation with belt drive
Up to 15 minutes of effect with one-time powder refill
Warm-up time 3-5 min
30 seconds continuous jet
Spark jet direction erect
Easy operation with 2x16 characters LCD Display
Control Modes DMX + Wireless Remote + Manual (for testing purposes)
Internal Cooling System with Fan and Thermal Protection
Long-lasting, robust metal Housing


Operation Power 600W
Output Height from 2 to 5 meters (6.5 to 16.5ft)
Heat-Up Time 3-5 minutes
Consumable Spark Machine Powder (Titanium powder)
Powder Tank Capacity 130g (approx. 4.5 oz)
On-device Manual Control 2x16 characters LCD control board
Wireless Control 4-Button Remote Control (UHF 433.92 MHz)
Control Protocol DMX-512 (2-Channels)
Mains Power AC220V-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 650W
Machine Size 206.2 x 213 x 246.5 mm (8.12” x 8.38” x 9,70”)
Machine Weight 7.8 kg (17.2 lb)

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