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Heavy duty 18" Sub + 24x2" Column PA System

GP18 is a performance system includes a 18” passive subwoofer combined with 3 modular 8x2” transducer array elements featuring K-array™ PAT® technology (Pure Array Technology). The column is composed by 3 8x2" interchangeable array modules with an alternating horizontal inclination of each driver, which gives GP18 a 140° wide horizontal dispersion angle for an incredibly immersive sound stage. Designed for low eye impact outdoor/indoor applications both for rental and permanent installations for public events, live bands, auditoriums, bars and clubs. Perfect companion of GP18A to create a stereo system or driven by GA43 and GA46 amplifiers. User Tip: optimize the cost and combine the system with the passive model whether it is for stereo configurations or distributed sound.


Key features

18" Passive Subwoofer + Column system ideal as extention of GP18A to obtain a stereo system
Trustability, high performances, low eye elegant design
Common Applications Live music, Karaoke, DJ set, Wedding parties, intrattenimento in generale


Type Powered Sub + Column line array system
Transducers SUB - 18” woofer, TOP - 3 modules with 8x2” ferrite magnet woofers
Frequency Response 3OHz-2OkHz (-6 db)
Max. SPL 125dB (calculated using a signal with crest factor 4 (12dB) measured at 1 mt)
Coverage V. 20° | H. 140°
Power handling Sub 700W Top 350W
Impedenza nominale 8 Ohm (Sub) and 16 Ohm (Column)
Connectors 2x SpeakON (paralleled) Sub 2+2- | Top 1+1-
Dimensions (WxHxD) 545 x 2220 x 600 mm (21,46 x 87,40 x 23,6 in)
Weight 41 kg
Material Subwoofer Birch in Plywood, Column in ABS
Finishing Black

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