VV-3V Portable piezo pickup for violin and viola with volume control

VV-3V is the perfect solution for violin and viola players who seek to capture the natural tone of their instrument.An onboard volume control makes it easy for performers to control the pickup output while onstage. The wood-encased piezo sensor installs safely and securely into the eye of the instrument bridge with minimal, if any, modification to the instrument. Cork-lined, fully adjustable barrel clamps keep the unit safe and stable while attached to the instrument. VV-3V employs a passive system, designed to work flawlessly with your favorite acoustic amplifier or preferred preamp. In addition to being a violin piezo pickup, VV-3 works just as well for lower frequencies as a viola pickup.

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Key features

Jack housing material Solid Ebony
Overall weight 45gr / 1.6oz
Lead cable from jack housing to element 15cm / 5.9"
Diameter of piezo element 11.8mm / 0.46"
Thickness of the piezo element 1.8mm +/- 0.10mm
Maximum Impedance 1500 ohm
Potentiometer 500 Kohm
Clamps adjustability (min & max) 33mm to 43mm 1.16" to 1.51"

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