35W Mini Digital Mixer-Amplifier with USB/FM/BT

HMMA PLAY series is designed for all those PA applications where space is quite zero. In half 19" Rack Unit there is a Class-D amplifier with powers ranging from 35W to 120W (70-100V or 4-16ohm outputs), a USB/BT/FM Radio with Remote Control, and a mixer for the control of the individual audio sources and the master. It is also possible to connect these amplifiers to your alarm system and power a 24V in the event of a fire prevention system. Really the perfect solution for small business premises.


Key features

Compact design, Half 19” Rack Unit Size
100V-70V & 4-16 ohm Speaker Output
35W Rated Power
Built-in USB Player, FM Radio & BT Streaming with remote controller
2 MIC inputs (MIC1 with 6.3mm Jack; MIC2 with 2 XLR and Phantom)
1 EMC input, 2 Line Inputs, 1 Line Output
High-Performance Class-D amplifier with Switching Power Supply
Individual Volume control for Mic 1-2, Line 1-2, MP3/FM/BT
Bass/Treble and Master Volume Control
DC24V Auxiliary Power Input


Rated Power 35W @ 4ohm
Speaker Outputs 100V or 70V & 4Ohms-8 Ohms-16 Ohms
Connectors Mic1 Input with unbalanced 6.3mm Jack; MIC2 with balanced XLR and Phantom Power; Line1-2 Inputs and Line Output with RCA
Knob Controls Microphone 1-2, Line1-2, MP3/FM, bass/treble and master
Sensitivity MIC 1&2 5mV; AUX 1&2 350mV; EMC 350mV
MIC frequency response 180Hz-10kHz (±3dB)
AUX frequency response 70Hz-16kHz (±3dB)
Noise <5mV (4 ohm load output terminal)
THD <1% 1KHz
Protection Short-Circuit, Clip, Overload and High-Temp Protection
Bass-Treble Adjustment 10dB (±2)
USB Connection Type-B, Female
USB Drive Format FAT32 format –32GB Max
Player File Formats MP3 e streaming audio wireless BT
BT Receiving Distance 10m
BT Standard BT2.1+EDR
Power Requirement AC~110-220V
Priority EMC > MIC1 > Others
Unit Size (W×D×H) 247x198x66 mm
Packing size (W×D×H) 343x302x121 mm
Net Weight 2.5kg
Gross Weight 3.2Kg

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