2 Zones Remote Paging Microphone Base

HCMA-PLAY MIC integrates a microphone base with gooseneck microphone, bi-zone control with in-out message ringtone. Connection, through a common CAT5 or CAT6e cable, integrates power supply, control, and audio output, to simplify installation as much as possible. It is also possible to connect more HCMA-PLAY MIC bases, thanks to the RJ-45 link output. Finally, the one-touch-to-talk function greatly facilitates the daily use of the microphone base.


Key features

Sturdy and lightweight construction for maximum durability
RJ-45 interface for power supply & signal transmission
Built-in chime for paging reminder
RJ-45 Link Port for cascade connection of multiple microphone bases
One-touch-to-talk operation for convenient use


Sensitivity +/- 10mV
Frequency Response 200Hz – 15kHz
SNR = 60dB
RJ-45 RS-485 Communication Protocol
Power Supply Host (Provided by Amplifier unit)
Size (WxDxH) 40x150x100 mm
Net Weight 0,55 kg

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