Battle Bridge B-1

The Zomo Battle Bridge B-1 is the ideal supplement for the Zomo case T-1 connected with a Numark DXM09/Pro or DM1002 battle mixer. The bridge should be mounted simple left and right into the Zomo turntable case T-1 and the battle mixer fits quickly secure between the two turntables. Thereby both variants (battle-style or regular-style) will be supported by mounting so that the turntables can be used horizontal as well as vertical. Both control elements at the front and the ports at the back are located available and can in this way be used unimpeded. The setup of the dj-set happens quickly, simple and space-saving. The ways between vinyl and fader will be minimised. Sheer genius and totally cool! It´s Zomo!

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Key features

Light weight
Light weight
Ideal for mobil use
Clean design


Suitable for 1 x Numark DXM09 Pro or 1x Numark DM1002
Colour black
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