X-Stand Extra Heavy Speaker Stand

This professional and very solid Speaker Stand by Zomo bears up every Speaker on the market up to 70 kg. Produced in a sincere but dominating black colour, the tripod stand offers the opportunity to set your PA individual in regards to the location. Because of this you are surely well-prepared and you can even use your equipment effective at shortage of space. Never mind if there is just a few footprint available or if the audience stands aloof of your console. Just turn your speaker in the right direction and use the enormous flexibility of the Zomo Speaker Stand! You can also set up the height. The stand offers a 35mm thick duct, which you can adjust from 110 cm up to 220 cm height. The great thing is, you can choose your individual height every 4 cm. For security you can fix a bolt and turn screw, to get highest requirements reliability. The bore of the 3 footducts in 38mm. The mainduct is extra robust with a bore of 42mm Foolproof and very fast setup with few expenditure of time and place was the guide of the production! With a robust but also lightweight material the X-Stand gleams with a unbelievable total weight of 4,8 kg. This Speaker Stand is perfect for DJ’s and Liveperformer, who count on Quality and Security! ... Quality by Zomo! Sheer genius and totally cool! It´s Zomo!

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Key features

Professional design
Professional design
Extra sturdy design
Space saving
Quick and uncomplicated assembly
Stable tubes for the safest performance
Locking bolt and screw for secure locking of the setting height
Self-standing in assembled condition
Distance between the three feet can be adjusted as required


Load weight
Height adjustable in steps 110 - 220 cm; 4 cm per step
weight 4,8 kg
Colour black

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