CC1 - VS-Rack Cube Connector - white

The Zomo CC1 Connector is a handy tool to connect two Zomo VS-Rack Cubes with each other. This tool consists of two parts which are placed between the two Cubes. Thanks to the fixing with 2 allen screws the connection is secured. So there is no more slipping or shaking. The connectors can either be placed on the side to expand the Cubes left and right, but you can also use the connection on top of the Cube. Stackable VS boxes are also possible with this method. The connector is available in the same four colours as our Zomo VS-Rack Cube series.

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Key features

Connector to connect two Zomo VS-Rack Cubes together
Can be placed on the side of the VS rack or above (stackable)
Sturdy steel construction offers secure hold
The rack connector is fixed with 2 allen screws
Colour matching the VS-Rack Cube series
Incorporated Zomo Logo
1x connector (consisting of two individual parts)
4x Allen screw set
1x Allen key


Dimensions 127 mm (W) 73 mm (D) X 12 mm (H)
Weight 0,3 Kg

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