NV Plus NSE - Flightcase Numark NV

The Zomo NV Plus NSE (NSE = NIGHT STYLE EDITION) is a robust multi-function flightcase. This exceptional concept of Zomo is specifically designed for the Numark NV and NVII DJ Controller and it allows users to arrange their equipment in a confined space whilst offering guaranteed safe, secure transportation without any problems. The Zomo NV Plus NSE is a compact DJ Flightcase with a extra movable laptop shelf that can easily be pulled out. Its clever design will make it simple for you to arrange your workspace in just a few seconds. The casing is made of high quality 9mm laminated plywood. That makes the Zomo NV Plus NSE very stable. Furthermore, the black-painted aluminum profiles and rounded edges stabilize the case. The Zomo Flightcase NV Plus NSE is extremely flexible, robust and provides superior protection against transit damage for valuable DJ equipment. Sheer genius and totally cool! It´s Zomo! ** The illustrated or mentioned devices are not included.

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Key features

Designed for Numark NV and NVII
Practical separation for easy handling
High-quality processing
Protects from damage
Stable performance
Interior protection upholstery for the controller
Removable lid
Hook and loop fastener mounting for laptop
Comfortable carrying handle
Design Night-Style Edition (NSE)
Capacity 1 x Numark NV / NVII + 1 x Notbook up to 17 Inch + Accessories
Color black
Dimensions 625 x 430 x 230 mm
Weight 10,8 kg

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