VMS4.1 - FlightBag American Audio VMS4.1

The American Audio VMS4.1 MIDI DJ Controller specifically matches to the Zomo FlightBag VMS4.1, which provides excellent protection and serves generous features for your equipment. This perfect combination of DJ-Bag and Flightcase has pratical advantages lika a comfortable shoulder belt which is adjustable in length or the convenient outside compartments that offer plenty of space for any kind of accessories and small items. These advantages are perfectly combined with the stability of a DJ Flightcase. A very solid metal frame keeps the DJ bags shape. This is the guarantee for a long life of DJ FlightBags. Moreover, the American Audio VMS4.1 DJ Controller is well protected. Zomo FlightBags are an ideal completion to your valuable equipment and always ensure an imposing appearance. The additional pocket for the laptop and three outside pockets provide plenty of extra storage space for cables, CDs, external sound cards or other accessories. The Zomo FlightBag VMS4.1 for the American Audio DJ Controller is embedded securely and protected by the first-class interior stuffing from damage and scratches. Sheer genius and totally cool! It's Zomo! ** The illustrated or mentioned devices are not included in delivery.

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Key features

Strong internal padding, sturdy metal frame
Protects the device from harmful influences
Comfortable, removable shoulder belt (Zomo Shoulder Belt CS black)
Padded carrying handle
Durable black, waterproof material
Capacity 1 x American Audio VMS4.1 + 1 x Notebook
Material Nylon 1680 D - 100% Nylon
Dimensions 595 x 400 x 135 mm
Weight 2.34 kg

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