PM-900 Plus NSE - Flightcase Pioneer DJM-900

The Zomo PM-900 Plus NSE (NSE = NIGHT STYLE EDITION) is ideally suited and was mainly developed for the Pioneer DJ-Mixer DJM-900. Plus, there is an extra notebook shelf included which can be used for your notebook, your mouse and any other devices like an effect processor or an interface. The board can be pushed or pulled easily as it is movable on rails. With the Zomo PM-900 Plus NSE Flightcase, it's not only possible to transport your complete set up easily, but also control your devices immediately. By using the hook-and-loop fasteners to fix your notebook on the shelf, you can transport it safe and secure. Each NSE case is made of 9 mm plywood. This innovative construction allows the flightcase a great look for long time. Thanks to its sturdy construction, the Zomo PM-900 Plus NSE protects the Pioneer DJM-900 against scratches, dust and other damages. The surface of the housing is very resistant to abrasion and cigarette burns. The solid ball edges and the extra-wide aluminum profiles are coated in black what brings extra stabilization for the Zomo Flightcase Set. With its numerous features and innovative equipment, the Zomo Flightcase PM-900 Plus NSE is not only good looking in modern black NSE style, but also delivers real professional quality. Sheer genius and totally cool! It's Zomo!

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Key features

Professional quality
Stylish Black Design (Night-Style-Edition)
Protects the device against negative influences
Professional quality for hard use
Solid rounded corners
Very dense design
Comfortable handle
Lockable with optional padlock
Clean interior
Removable lid
Adjustable Laptop shelf


Dimensions 560 x 430 x 240 mm
Weight approx. 14 kg
Color black
** The illustrated or mentioned devices are not included.

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