Earpad Set TEDDY for Sennheiser HD 25 SP - brown

"The Zomo Earpad Set HD 25 SP Teddy was developed especially for the Sennheiser headphones HD25, HD25 SP, HMD25, HME25, HMEC25 and the AKG K518. This set consists of 2x ear pads and 2x head pads (self-adhesive) and can be mounted in a few moments. The Teddy upholstery sets known to every DJ are now available in the further developed material called ""Nicki"". This high-quality fabric is very breathable and is also characterised by its high elasticity. The cushions are fluffy and ensure a cuddly soft wearing comfort. The upholstery set combines everything a DJ desires - first-class quality at an affordable price! The upholstery set is available in different colours, giving your headphones an individual touch and making them look like new again quickly after heavy use. Furthermore, with the Zomo Earpad Set Teddy you can be sure that your professional Sennheiser DJ headphones will keep their value and look perfect."

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Key features

precisely fitting replacement cushion set
Scope of delivery 2x ear pads + 2x head pads
Super comfortable teddy fleece material with high wearing comfort
available in many stylish colours
simple and quick installation
Sennheiser HD25
Sennheiser HD25 SP
Sennheiser HMD25
Sennheiser HME25
Sennheiser HMEC25
AKG K518
** The headphones shown or mentioned are not included.


Weight 40 gram

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