DN-MC6000 Plus NSE - Flightcase Denon DN-MC6000 MKII

The DN-MC6000 NSE Plus is a professional case of the Night Style Edition product line of Zomo. This case is specially designed and equipped for the Digital DJ-Mixer/MIDI-Controller Denon DN-MC6000 MKI / MKII. The main compartment has two high quality 19-inch rack rails on which the Denon DN-MC6000 MKI / MKII is quickly and easily mounted. On the extra-wide opening at the front side you have fast access to all controls and ports. The laptop stand is very stable and extremely wide, so there is plenty of space for a laptop in every size, a mouse and other small items available. Two Velcro straps keep the laptop on the shelf during transport, so it will not slip and damage. The tray is moved in your needed position to work comfortably. The massive construction of 9mm plywood in combination with the strong aluminum profiles is complemented by a handle and two butterfly-locks. In order for the Zomo Flightcase DN-MC6000 is completely ideal for professional use and makes you ready for your road trip to the next stage or event. Sheer genius and totally cool! It’s Zomo! ** The illustrated or mentioned devices are not included. Those are available separately in our shop.

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Key features

Professional design
Fancy design
Solid and robust edges
Comfortable handle
Protects the device against negative influences
Clean interior
Removable lid
Color black
Capacity 1 x Denon DN-MC6000 MKI / MKII + 1 x Notebook + Equipment
Dimensions 410 x 540 x 210 mm
Weight 10.6 kg

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