Deck Stand Ibiza 120 - black

DZomo Ibiza Deck-Stand 120 is a well thought-out but affordable solution for the chic DJ setup at home as well as for professional use in the club. The Zomo DJ counter offers enough space for 2 turntables or CD-Player and a mixer up to 12 inch. Of course, the turntables have enough space in the standard position as well as in the battle position. On the second floor there is also enough space for various 19 inch devices such as an amplifier or a 19 inch CD player. In addition, 2 headphone holders are integrated in this compartment. With their high-quality surface, they are a real eye-catcher. If you are looking for an affordable, high-quality DJ table with a comfortable working height, the Deck Stand Ibiza 120 is the right choice.

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Key features

Professional DJ table by Zomo
Provides a perfect and comfortable working height for DJs
Designed in Germany - great optics in 4 different colours
Extra rugged design
Real professional quality for the toughest use
Quick and easy assembly
enough space for 2 decks and a mixer up to 12 inch
extra storage space for effect devices, CD players, amplifiers etc.
intelligent laying of cables possible thanks to available cut-outs
2 headphone holders


Weight 39,2 kg

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