CD Sleeves Premium 10 x 8 CDs - smoke

This premium edition Sleeve is a special edition from Zomo. The sleeves are mountable double-sided. On each side you can store 4 CDs - that's 8 CDs in one Sleeve! The producer has designed especially various colours to get the possiblity to create the CD DJ folder individually. One packet contains 10 sleeves, which offers enough place and ideal protection for the 80 CDs. Your CDs are protected through a fleece against scratches and dirt of the medium. The sleeves are a favourable and space-saving variant to transport CDs and DVDs secure or just only for archiving. The slide-in at the headpiece enables an easy archiving and numbering as well as a fast sharing to the several records. Sheer genius and totally cool! It´s Zomo!

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Key features

Material 100% polyethylene
Capacity 8 CDs/DVDs per sleeve
Weight 15 gram

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